Chendre Kinder Chilli Chicken

Chendre Kinder Chilli Chicken

Chendre Kinder Chilli Chicken

  • Servings: 5
  • Difficulty: easy
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The Chendre Kinder Chilli Chicken dish is a traditional home style recipe adapted from The Balti House Rishton’s jalfrazi dish it has layers of flavour. Chef Hussain

The recipe below has all the ingredients you need without using a mixed curry powder- if you are using a mixed curry powder you only need to add the Kashmiri chilli powder & turmeric powder along with the mixed curry powder. I use


3 Fresh Chicken Breasts – cut in to bite site cubes
3 tbsp rapeseed oil
1 onion – sliced
3 cloves garlic – chopped
fresh ginger – same amount as garlic, chopped
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder
1 tsp cumin Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp coriander powder
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp Garam Masala
½ fresh lemon juice
1 fresh red pepper
1 fresh green pepper
2 whole fresh tomatoes
Fenugreek leaves – Methi , crushed
3 fresh green chilles – sliced diagonally leaving all the seeds for heat and flavour
Fresh lemon juice

Fresh Coriander to your liking


add the rapeseed oil in to your frying pan, heat to a medium temperature.

add the sliced onions and cook until the onions turn pinkish in colour, do not burn, add the salt to remove the moisture from the onions.

add the garlic & ginger, cook for a few minutes until soft.

add the sliced peppers and cook for a few minutes.

add the tomato paste and all the spices, cook for a few minutes.

add the chicken pieces coating with the curry mixture.

When the chicken is sealed add some water to create a thin curry sauce, cook until the chicken is cooked and tender and you have the desired sauce consistency to your liking.

add the fenugreek leaves crushing as you sprinkle

add the green chillies, the sliced tomatoes and the fresh coriander, cook for a few more minutes.

add few drops of lemon fresh juice and some extra coriander just before serving


With cumin pilau rice and loads of cold ale, most of all “enjoy” the healthy tasty curry.

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